Equity Realty is a full service brokerage firm.
"You can make more, while we make less!"
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Save thousands with Equity Realty

Even in a seller's market, things aren't as easy as they seem! Your property needs exposure and it needs to be represented by someone who knows the market, who knows the area, and who knows how to seal the deal.

With Equity Realty, you benefit from years of experience and a true understanding of the California real estate market. We know how and where to get your property noticed and the results are clear... SOLD!

If homes in your area are selling in 60 days or less, why pay 5% or 6% when we can list your home for 4%?

Why pay 5-6% to the other agencies when you can get the same results at 4% with Equity Realty (2.5% is paid to the buyer's agent)?
Competition is the American way of life.

It's your equity
- let us help you keep it!
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If you or someone you know needs to sell land, a home or other real estate property, call us.
We'll walk you through it. Zero Pressure. 50% commission refund.

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